Our Team

Sarah McGraw, PhD

CEO, Chief Scientist

Dr. McGraw, a medical anthropologist, has over 30 years of research and evaluation experience. She is well versed in qualitative methods such in-depth interviewing, focus groups, semi-structured interviews, and ethnographies. Dr. McGraw is experienced in a variety of qualitative analysis approaches and qualitative analysis software packages. In addition, she has been responsible for the oversight of large multi-site and longitudinal studies of community, patient, and healthcare provider populations employing a variety of qualitative methodologies such as standardized interviews, self-administered questionnaires, and online surveys.

Dr. McGraw has a long track record in collaborating with a variety of research teams covering a wide range of topics. She has published over 70 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. McGraw has received awards for her media work from the National Educational Media Competition and the Partnership for Networked Consumer Health Information. Dr. McGraw holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Connecticut, and a BA from McGill University.

James Nutter, MS

CIO, Analyst

Mr. Nutter has over 12 years of experience in research project coordination for several qualitative and quantitative projects in public health and medical anthropology. His work includes studies on quality of life, benefits of novel drug therapies, communication surrounding cancer care, and community needs in underserved populations. He has extensive experience as a qualitative analyst and is familiar with a variety of qualitative analysis software packages. In addition, Mr. Nutter is familiar with quantitative packages such as SPSS, Python/Pandas, R, and REDCap. He has experience in data visualization and presentation. Mr. Nutter holds a BA from Lesley University and an MS in Library and Information Science with an Information Science & Technology Concentration from Simmons University.

Carol Wood-Nutter


Ms. Wood-Nutter has over 25 years of experience working in project and grants management within the private and non-profit sectors. Her expertise spans financial management through project implementation. She has developed several tools instrumental in making the administration of projects more efficient and effective. In addition, Ms. Wood-Nutter has served as a coder on qualitative analysis teams. She holds a BS in Public Administration from Bentley University.